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The Role of Debt Settlement Attorneys in 2024

The Role of Debt Settlement Attorneys in 2024

The extensive issue of debt continues to affect millions of Americans, with total consumer debt reaching a staggering $17.29 trillion in 2023, as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported. Amidst this financial struggle, many contemplate hiring debt settlement attorneys to alleviate the burden of overwhelming debt. While debt settlement attorneys can offer valuable […]

Rescuing Clients from Stacked MCA Debt

A Proactive Approach In times of financial distress, small to medium-sized businesses often turn to merchant cash advances (MCAs) as a lifeline, which can lead to a vicious cycle of stacked debt. The economic crisis exacerbated this issue. Coastal Debt Resolve can help clients eliminate stacked MCA debt and regain financial stability and profitability. We […]

confession of judgment. merchant cash advance

The Hidden Danger of Confession of Judgment (COJs)

MCA lenders have found a way to protect themselves when providing loans without requiring collateral, and it involves a little-known clause called a Confession of Judgment (COJ). If you’ve ever taken out a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA), chances are you signed one, often without fully understanding its consequences. This article will explain what a Confession […]

merchant cash advance

Breaking Down Merchant Cash Advances

A Closer Look at Business Funding In business financing, “Merchant Cash Advance” have become quite important for companies that mainly use credit and debit cards for their sales. These money tools can fill the gap when a business’s sales are not great. This article will explain how merchant cash advances work. It will also discuss […]